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There are probably today the majority of men that shave but this has not always been the case, not even in the West. The idea of shaving was perhaps introduced in Europe at least when the Pope in the mid 11 the century, told priests that they had to shave off beards so that they could not be mistaken for either a Jew or a Muslim.

Later it was considered un-Christian not to shave unless you were taking part in the crusades. The problem was in those days though, to get a shave required that you visit a barber and that of course cost money. In those days many would have been pleased to be able to get razor blades in the U.Kso that they could shave themselves but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that razor blades were invented and even the straight blade razor was not invented until the 18th century and so men could not really shave themselves until then.

The straight blade razor was invented by a Frenchman who envisaged men shaving themselves in front of a mirror but the straight blade razor he invented was just a blade with a wooden handle. It wasn’t until later that his original razor was improved on by making the blade able to sit inside the wooden handle when not in use. Straight razors which fold into their wooden handles are still in use today but perhaps more often seen in barber shops than in a man’s bathroom.

Today one of the names that immediately springs to mind when thinking of razors is perhaps Gillette and with good reason. Not only does Gillette still make fine razors but it was King C. Gillette that actually invented the first disposable razor at the beginning of the 20th century. The invention of the disposable razor meant for the first time in history, a man could get a decent shave without having to sharpen a blade first. This was such a novel idea that by 1906, Gillette was already selling over 300,000 blades per year and with the outbreak of WW1 that number increased dramatically.

The US government decided that every man that went war should be provided with at least one disposable razor to keep in their pack and so they placed a huge order with Gillette, increasing his sales tremendously. Today of course there are more than just the Gillette Company which make good, effective disposable razors and so sometimes men are in a dilemma as to which ones to buy.

One of the ways to solve this dilemma and be sure of getting the same razors every time, is to join one of the many shaving clubs which have now appeared around the world. One you join one of these clubs, they will send you the razors of your choice each and every month or at a frequency you stipulate. It certainly has never been easier to shave with a razor you trust, than it is today.