Looking for a Good Knife

If you are looking for a good knife to buy, you will obviously want to consider what type of knife it is that you want. Even in a kitchen there are a large number of different specialist knives you can buy and of course there are survival type knives for the outdoorsmen. Most people though look for some kind of pocket knife they can carry with them safely on a daily basis. However, even with pocket knives there are several different types available today and so you may want to learn about the different types of pocket knife there are before you buy one. For this purpose websites like the one by The Blade Guru can help you as they have done reviews, not just for different types of pocket knives but also other types of knives, and have displayed their findings on the site for you to view and help you make your decision as to which one would be most suitable for you. On the site under the heading of pocket knives, you will see OTF knives and EDC knives but this is not meant to confuse you as they too are types of pocket knife. OTF is short for out the front and means that with this type of pocket knife although, as with all pocket knives, the blade is kept in the handle of the knife when not in use, with this type the blade deploys straight forward from the handle, deploying more rapidly than most other pocket knives. By deploying straight forward the OTF knife is also useful for use in confined spaces. If you know or even suspect that that may be a feature which could be of use to you, then you should possible consider getting one of these. EDC stands for everyday use and these knives are designed to be used regularly, not just be kept in a pocket in case they may be needed. This means that these types of pocket knife are often more durable and can withstand regular use which some of the other pocket knives may not be able to. Once again if this is a feature that you know will be of use to you, you should perhaps consider getting one of them but otherwise one of the more standard pocket knives will probably suffice for your irregular use. These are all classified as pocket knives though because that classification covers all knives that have short blades which are kept in the knife’s handle when not in use. There is usually a need for a pocket knife’s blade to be sharp and by keeping it in the handle helps to keep it sharp but also of course, having the blade in the handle when not in use makes it safe to carry in a pocket or even a purse. As people that have pocket knives have already learned, they can be invaluable on many occasions and as more people realize their potential uses, they become more popular.